What is KYC

KYC ( you know your customer ) is a legal obligation for all the banks to prevent identity theft, money laundering or terrorist financing. Bank regulators require the establishment of KYC to identify customers. This compliance check is  aimed at the protection and the knowledge of the customers. 

The documents to be provided for opening corporate account

  1. Certificate of incorporation.
  2. Articles of association (Statute).
  3. The list of shareholders.
  4. Official extract from the commercial register (not older than 3 months) that includes the following information:
    • Company name.
    • Company address.
    • Company's shareholders.
    • Director ID or passport copy.
  5. Official public source where we could find the information about your company.
  6. If the company is related to financial services or cryptocurrencies, then:
    • Provide us an info (by letter) about your AML and KYC procedures.
    • Tell us (by letter) if your company is going to withdraw/deposit funds from/to cryptocurrency exchanges.